but what about me? exploring the asmitamaya kosha in iRest

The date has passed. Thanks to everyone who attended! The video is available for purchase. To learn more or to buy it, click the “more information” button.
The online workshop, for iRest teachers only, offers an opportunity to gain clarity around asmitamaya and to develop authentic language and proficiency in leading a group delivery that includes an inquiry into asmitamaya and beyond.

• Gain a confident, direct understanding of what constitutes asmitamaya
• Explore the role of asmitamaya in the iRest protocol for group delivery, how and when it can be integrated, and how to most effectively language this kosha
• Learn specific ways to explore asmitamaya in your own practice and in your teaching

The video may be purchased through iRest Institute. It is a valuable teaching asset for those wishing to enhance their delivery and technique of iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation. 
To purchase, first sign into your iRest account and then click on the following link:
Participant comments: 

Kathleen is maybe the best meditation teacher I’ve had the pleasure of practicing with.

James Oakes, San Diego

Kathleen has such a talent at simplifying really complicated concepts from multiple sources. She makes the obscure seem relevant and accessible.

Terri Leonard, Atlanta

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