Soaking in Being

Ananda has been an ongoing exploration and inquiry for me for several years. My morning practice has gradually become what I call “soaking in Being.” Shortly after waking up and brushing my teeth, I sit in a favorite chair that fits me particularly well. The deep, sweet, physical relaxation of sleep is still present and […]

A Reflection on Mirror Gazing

What do I see when I gaze into a mirror…? Am I doing the seeing or am I being the seen? When does seeing (or being seen) become not an act of will, but simply being – arising, hanging around, then dissolving? I have been exploring different practices introduced to me in this year’s study […]

Bundles and jumbles of consciousness

A poetic and pictorial representation of consciousness seen through the lens of the tattvas using phrases from iRest Yoga Nidra.   What do I believe?I believe in the Mystery.Bundles and jumbles of consciousnessUnfurling discoveries of creative expression in every moment.I believe in inter-beingOf skin boundaries blurring into spaciousnessAnd your hand melting into mine.I believe in […]

On Spiritual Riddles, Hemorrhoids and Butterfly Nets

I tend to look suspiciously at ancient texts and their practices. I am, you see, quite modern. Two stunning proofs: I recently bought an electric toothbrush and I am now totally adjusted to our local newspaper no longer being delivered in paper format. I also have very modern fears: viral Armageddon, planetary demise, misgendering people. […]

Jaw-dropping wonder

Jaw-dropping wonder, in unfettered freedom, the cause of the universe is This.– verse 1 of the Pratyabhijñāhṛdayam (Ruvinsky, et al.) This entire universe is nothing but a flash… but within it, we go through so much.– Gurumayi So much. And in a flash, it is all gone. Poof. Soham Soham Sivoham Sivoham. I am Siva. […]