Back to the Source

Still hanging out here in the Southwest (see photo above, once again) where the first tiny, improbable spring flowers are breaking parched ground, and the grey-green beginnings of lupen leafings appear in the canyons while patches of snow disappear from the peaks. A forest fire rages in the next range, 50 miles west, only 5% contained. Everything is changing. And nothing.

Mostly it’s about thanking the mountains for holding the sky with such grace. Were it not for the foreground, the sky would go unnoticed. Were it not for the horizon, the background could be overlooked. In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali said it a little differently:

Prakasa kriya sthiti silam bhuta indriya atmakam bhoga apavarga artham drisyam

2.18     Nature … exists eternally to serve the seer for enjoyment and liberation.
Tr. B.K.S. Iyengar

And further

2.21     The seen exists only for the sake of the Seer.
Tr. Jaganath Carrera
Inside the Yoga Sutras

How wonderful that every landscape points back to the source, nature revealing Consciousness in every lifescape, even CNN’s Libya, when we see through the pixels.

Seeing. Just seeing. 

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