Being For Dummies by N.E. Body

Reviewing a non-book on the subject of non-duality for the over-informed has presented certain challenges. Firstly, I have been unable to contact an author for the customary pre-publication interview.  Some candidates have responded, « It’s not me. » Others have responded, « It’s not mine » and still others, « I didn’t do it. »

Moreover, the publisher has declined to be named and appears to have no particular address. Early publicity has been scant, although traces have been myseriously left here and there. The proposed date of release is unavailable, although it is purported to be already present in all bookstores and libraries. It is, apparently, a common household reference.

Even with minimal information, a review seems, nevertheless, in order, for no other reason than to make mention of its presence. In the absence of tangible evidence of its existence, its mention might be misleading. However, the advantage falls in the court of the dummies who are neither cogniscent of its absence nor of the absence of its presence. The over-informed may debate the presence of its absence. But those who do not know recognise the absence of its absence.

To summarize, this is it.

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