What about Body Sensing Yoga?

For years, we spend time sorting out what’s me and what’s not me. And then, just when we think we’ve got all that straightened out, along comes the nondual tradition, inviting us to sense again.

So at first, we dutifully sense our bodies, our aches and pains, how goes the toes, tiddley pom, how goes the nose? This pose. That pose.

And then the exploration deepens, past the object into the space that contains it, and lo, it seems space itself is sensing us.

Well, clearly, we say, it’s one or the other, but not both. Yet sense again… and so it is… sensing sensing itself, as the boundaries dissolve and It reveals Itself as non-separation. This non-objective, non-localized aliveness that goes unnoticed in our daily lives is wholly available with just the minimum of a reminder.

And if I-ness is aliveness reciprocally sensing aliveness everywhere, there goes “me” and “not-me” for good. This fundamental inquiry yields the gateway to the spaciousness we inherently are.

… with deepest appreciation to Jean Klein, whose body sensing yoga led to This…

This short video by Elaine Despins more closely approximates the experience of body sensing than any verbal description.

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