Live Like a Casserole

Somewhere in the flurry of nondual concepts, there is this notion of no doer, or as Casteneda’s Don Juan says, not doing. It’s not quite the same as not doing the laundry and winding up without clean clothes…or leaving a sink full of dirty dishes. Both of these are doings. It’s not a question of doing nothing, because that, in itself, is doing something. If ‘I’ am resting, ‘I’ am engaged in the activity of restfulness.

Someone cannot not-do. Only no one can. Not-doing implies a non-doer, not a loafer. It is not a question of all the boxes being ticked off in the margin of The List. Who am I if the list is complete? Is it possible to release the doer even as things are getting done?

When we say the casserole is done, do we mean that it has stopped doing?

So, live like a casserole and allow oneself to be done. Or, as Jean Klein said, “Let life lead itself.”

It is complete.

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