Lunar Musings

moonWe were so fortunate that weekend to be visiting the twins, now three years old and full of pep. It was past their bedtime and still they were racing around together outside, first to one side of the house, then around the back where we were sitting, then round the other side. On one pass, we asked, “And what did you see?” They squealed, “The Moon!” and sped off the other way. When they returned, we asked, “And what did you see?” The littler one paused, slowly gathering her reply into words, and said, smiling shyly, “The Not-Moon.”

And so it is, how what is seen implies the Unseen, how we run around seeing things, often missing the invisible, how we collect the known, ignoring the unknown. What a gift to allow whatever appears to point back to its source, referring us to the unknowable, ever-present and complete.

And how unnecessary even this note – the said, the unsaid, the unsayable.


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