Overtaken by Silence

Sometimes we are overtaken by silence. However, it may not feel like that. It may feel like indolence, or it may feel like lack of motivation, or it may feel like a hiatus, a lapse. To a well-meaning friend, it might even look like something is the matter.

But wait. These are privileged moments, moments when stillness breaks through the hubbub of our minds or our activities. Perhaps there is a sudden fear of losing it, of losing the thread, an intrusion of meaninglessness, where nothing refers to anything.

But wait. These are moments when it just is. It may only last for a millisecond, when we are solicited by true nature…not “my true nature” or “the true nature of all things”. It belongs neither to us, nor to objects. It is what bespeaks the deepest sense of belonging… not belonging to, but, if you wish, being belonged, where there is no other. It is the incontrovertible experience of timelessness, of living in the gap.

Motivation depends on some sense of future, fear on some finality. But here, beyond ambition or extinction, we are being called.

Wait. Don’t rush back into the stream. Just sit on the bank for a while. Let yourself be taken.

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