Passing the Torch

One of the things that popped out of my mouth near the end of a recent satsang here in my home was that we are like a forest, there are little trees with trunks the diameter of a few centimeters, big, leafy trees with huge trunks, and fallen logs composting back into the ground. And as the old logs disintegrate, the little trees become big trees and on it goes. We are like that forest, and we are growing together as a sangha, each of us sensing our place in this community. The teachings remain, even as the teachers change.

Kathleen, Tina, Gisela, Angela, Barb and, of course others, are carrying the postural practice of body sensing forward in English, and in French, Charles-Alexandre, Mariette, Bertrand, Pascale, François and Édith. The yoga of non-duality or Kashmiri yoga (meditative yoga, non-dual yoga, le yoga de l’écouteor l’approche corporelle) this yoga that has been passed down from Jean Klein with so many different names and slightly different voices, continues – same forest, different trees, and yet always, just underneath, the soft rustling of the leaves, ever reminding us of the Unspeakable – l’Indicible.

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