The $700 Croissant

So… it was an urban summer afternoon and only now time for a croissant at the local boulangerie to substitute for a skipped lunch, multitasking in the unfolding of an already unpredictable day.

So… the unlocked, no-contract iPhone 5 was duly placed on the counter while small change was procured from the bowels of the backpack.

So… the exchange of croissant and coins was effected, each participant playing along with life according to their appointed roles, including the unnoticed one who disappeared the iPhone in a veritable jiffy. “He” played the part of the robber; “I” played the part of the robbee; the cashier played the part of the sympathizer. Then we all went on our ways, momentary meeting accomplished, and me, munching a $700 croissant.

Nothing personal.

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