Upon re-entering from retreat

The most FAQ upon re-entering from retreat:
How can we bring this with us?

The most FGR (frequently given response):
This that is, is never not present, even if partially masked when the field is completely flooded with thought creatures.

Even when the field is not flooded with thought creatures, there is still the purring of its fertility, ever ready to sprout – into projects, into obligations, into invitations and the accepting of invitations or the refusal of invitations, into self-importance or self-abnegation.

As common as ground squirrels, I is the most frequently encountered creature (FEC) in the field.

And, paradoxically, it is retreat that makes I most obvious, this lovable creature sprouting from fertile ground, ever ready to claim its independence.

Solution: Celebrating I-ness in everything? Or….go back on retreat.

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