yoga nidra: resting as that which we are

Cycling through each of the elements of the basic framework of our practice, quickly at first and then a second time with greater depth, we experience each moment as it arises and leads us to a vastness that is ineffable, yet palpable and familiar.

yoga nidra: feeling our experiences

A 40-minute practice that includes a sense inquiry into two opposing experiences, one challenging and one pleasant and then an inspection of this “I” or me that experiences and evaluates.

yoga nidra: deep rest

Some of the students in the class were sick, others were tired, but they all agreed that a deeply restful practice was in order. Afterward, there was a request for the recording to be posted on the website for repeated listening. Here it is!

yoga nidra: this magical mystery

Gently and thoroughly exploring a difficult emotion, sensing the “me” who is aware of and distinct from the emotion, then sensing that which seems to be aware of me, and ultimately resting as that which just is.

yoga nidra: une brève introduction

Une technique méditative simple, centrée sur le corps, pratiquée tout en se reposant confortablement. En favorisant un grand sentiment de sécurité intérieure et un relâchement profond, la pratique du yoga nidra offre aussi la possibilité de méditer autrement sur qui nous sommes. Notez: J’apprends le français, alors veuillez pardonner les petites erreurs. Je vous remercie.