Does practice make perfect?

Does practice make perfect? It is an age-old practice of deciduous trees to drop their leaves in the fall. One by one the leaf stalks seal themselves away from the twig and falling happens. A little fluttering sound accompanies their practice if the rush of autumn rainstorms does not drown it out. Sometimes bearing witness […]

Musings on the popularity of the nondual approach…

No need to relinquish chocolate No need to relinquish skiing No need to relinquish workaholism No need to relinquish loafing No need to remedy toothaches No need to remedy tax phobia No need to remedy procrastination No need to remedy anguish Nothing to remedy Nothing to relinquish It relinquishes Itself What remains? The Ultimate Remedy

What is a nondual retreat?

So……….what is a nondual retreat? Does that mean there are no double rooms? Pathless Yoga – Nondual Retreats with Joan RuvinskyCan I afford a single? Or is it about getting away from my two-some? Or my two-ness? Or can I bring him/her/it/them along, too? One can be a dual citizen. In fact, I myself am […]

Can You Die of Beauty?

It is being such a privilege to spend this month in retreat in a cabin way up in the mountains, rising early to practice long and spending days in study and contemplation. And yet, yesterday, with an unexpected snowfall of 9 inches, the meditation cushion was abandoned, and it was on-with-the-pack-and-boots-and-out-the-door to spend the day […]

What about Body Sensing Yoga?

For years, we spend time sorting out what’s me and what’s not me. And then, just when we think we’ve got all that straightened out, along comes the nondual tradition, inviting us to sense again. So at first, we dutifully sense our bodies, our aches and pains, how goes the toes, tiddley pom, how goes […]

Upon re-entering from retreat

The most FAQ upon re-entering from retreat: How can we bring this with us? The most FGR (frequently given response): This that is, is never not present, even if partially masked when the field is completely flooded with thought creatures. Even when the field is not flooded with thought creatures, there is still the purring […]

The $700 Croissant

So… it was an urban summer afternoon and only now time for a croissant at the local boulangerie to substitute for a skipped lunch, multitasking in the unfolding of an already unpredictable day. So… the unlocked, no-contract iPhone 5 was duly placed on the counter while small change was procured from the bowels of the […]

Spring Pond Peeper Practice

Imagine it is twilight – imagine the northern woods – early spring. It is noisy with reawakening, even at bedtime. Perhaps there is a flock of northbound geese flapping and honking their way toward a lake to put down in. Or, maybe it is afternoon rush hour – imagine a major metropolis – bursting with […]

Lunar Musings

We were so fortunate that weekend to be visiting the twins, now three years old and full of pep. It was past their bedtime and still they were racing around together outside, first to one side of the house, then around the back where we were sitting, then round the other side. On one pass, […]

Finding our Way to Here

On the map, there are many locations. One of them is, “I want to be a saint.” Another is, “I want to recognize my true self.” There are countless others, like, “The world is illusion,” or, “Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.” Between the various locations, there are little commuter pathways by which we can […]