In Praise of Ordinariness

So here we are, just doing the daily business, whether it’s called a work day, a retreat, a sabbatical, a goof-off day, or a super-intense practice day. We do what we do, the doing happens by itself, and then we name it, or claim it, perhaps weighting it with a certain value or perhaps not — perhaps remembering equanimity in success or failure, in praise or blame, or perhaps not, perhaps remembering radical self-acceptance, or perhaps not.

Perhaps the question arises about how to live a non-dual life (Don’t you just LOVE the mind!?) And then perhaps remembering the ancient Chinese wisdom:

                                          Don’t keep searching for the truth, just let go of your opinions.

From The Mind of Absolute Trust
by Seng T’san, 6th century Chan Buddhist
tr. Stephen Mitchell

Happy Now, 2011 not withstanding.

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