yoga nidra: the thread

A short practice (22 min) during which we fully immerse ourselves in whatever is arising from moment to moment, feeling the thread of unchangingness woven through it all.

yoga nidra: and this too

This practice followed a conversation during which a number of participants shared their feelings of grief at the loss of loved ones. (Some poetic license was used in the recounting of the story from the Bhagavad Gita.)

yoga nidra: being aware

Being aware is not a doing. When there is nothing to reject and nothing to cling to, nothing to fix and nothing to change, then there is nothing to do but simply rest as multidimensional awareness in which all sensations arise and subside.

Coming Home: 4-day Silent Retreat

In an island sanctuary devoted to contemplative silence, with magnificent views of mountains, forests and seas, we come together for restoration and reintegration into who we truly are beyond the divisions that separate us from our True Nature.

A Sailor’s Voyage to Here

My first year of studying the Pratyabhijñāhṛdayam put language to my lifelong felt sense of “That which is beyond words.” Now, at the end of my second year, I view my life’s journey through the lens of the text. Using a favorite sailing metaphor, I was a boat happily going nowhere on the open sea […]

practices from the pratyabhijñāhṛdayam

Plunge deeply into the rich teachings of the Pratyabhijñāhṛdayam, a primary text of Kashmir Shaivism, by engaging with practices suggested in the text. During each gathering, we’ll devote 45 minutes or so to one meditation technique. There will be time for debrief and discussion, then continued conversation and work with the practice between gathering.

yoga nidra: the breath of life

Waves of breath caress the physical body and flow beyond the boundaries of skin, soothing and smoothing and softening. The breath, neither mine nor yours. The same breath touching everyone, the same breath uniting everyone and everything. The same breath touching all beings, those who are suffering, those whose lives have been torn apart by […]

yoga nidra: resting as that which we are

Cycling through each of the elements of the basic framework of our practice, quickly at first and then a second time with greater depth, we experience each moment as it arises and leads us to a vastness that is ineffable, yet palpable and familiar.

yoga nidra: being oneself

Who shows up during our time of practice? The inner critic? The perfectionist? The dreamer? The martyr? The victim? The good student? The spiritual one? What do these various personas feel like? What does it feel like to be oneself? What is the feeling of self-consciousness? What is the feeling of being unguarded? Free of […]