A Sailor’s Voyage to Here

My first year of studying the Pratyabhijñāhṛdayam put language to my lifelong felt sense of “That which is beyond words.” Now, at the end of my second year, I view my life’s journey through the lens of the text. Using a favorite sailing metaphor, I was a boat happily going nowhere on the open sea […]


I have always been like this. I have always known what I know. I have never been better and I have never been worse. I have not developed, I have not learned, I have not forgotten. Not a thing. It has always been here, in me. Always. This is what I realize after one year […]

Barebones BodySensing

“When there is teaching, you must follow the line free from expectation and anticipation […]. It is very deeply rooted in the body-mind that there is something to achieve, to become, to attain, and this brings us absolutely away from what we are. It takes us in the opposite direction. So we must first face […]